Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tucson Guns St. Patrick's Day Sale


All "in-stock" Taurus firearms are on sale!
Come in March 17th - 24th and mention
this email for 10% off.


Crimson Trace Rebate!

$50 MAIL IN REBATE on Crimson Trace Laser Sights or Tactical Lights purchased between March 1st - April 30th 2017


All "in-stock" Blade-Tech holsters and magazine pouches are on sale!

10% off March 17th-24th



All "in-stock" cleaning kits are on sale!

10% off March 17th-24th.


In case you haven't been in recently, below is a list of unique firearms we have added to our inventory!


New Inventory-
Rifles In-Stock:
FN SCAR 17s FDE 7.62
FN SCAR 16s FDE 5.56
Keltec KSG OD 12ga
Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor
Chinese SKS's 7.62x39
Winchester 94 Mfg 1895
1898 Krag .30-40 Krag

New Inventory-
Handguns In-Stock:
Colt M45A1 1911 .4acp
Colt Python 4" .357 mag
Colt Detective Special .38 spl
Chris Kyle 1911 .45acp
S&W 657 .41 mag
Ruger MK IV's .22lr
Browning HiPower 9mm


We have Glock 9mm's in stock in
Black, Flat Dark Earth & Grey.


Suppressor Inventory-
Huntertown Arms Guardian 22 .22lr
Silencerco Osprey45 .45acp
Gemtech Viper-9 9mm
Gemtech GM-22 .22lr
Gemtech GM-9 9mm

We also have threaded barrels in stock!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tucson Guns March 2017 Newsletter

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March 18, 2017
Did you know that Tucson Guns teaches AZ CCW classes? We usually hold a class the 3rd or 4th Saturday of every month. Our class is very informative and is geared towards everyone, from the first time gun owner to the veteran shooter.

Our class covers all of the following & more:
  • Firearms Safety
  • Why you should carry a firearm
  • Choosing a firearm
  • Ammunition types
  • Holster selection
  • Situational Awareness
  • Avoiding the Fight
  • AZ State Laws
  • Use of Deadly Force
  • What happens during a Deadly Force Encounter
  • Live Fire Range Session
Our next class is Saturday March 18th

Class fee is $85 & includes fingerprinting/range fees
Spots are limited so reserve yours today! Come on by the store or give us a call!
(Payment is full is required to reserve a spot)




The following Arizona pro-rights bills are still in process-

SB1243, would exempt CCW permit holders from disa

HB2216, which would make it illegal to track firearms or their owners via electronic systems, databases, etc., is in the Senate 2nd Read.

HB2287, which would change the language regarding the culpable mental state required to prove a person unlawfully discharged a firearm, is currently in the Senate 2nd Read.

HB2022, would exempt from the definition of unlawful discharge "within or into the limits of any municipality" (a class 6 felony), the use of .22 caliber (or less) rat shot or snake shot,  is currently in the Senate 2nd Read.

HB2117, modifies the definition of the composition of the state militia to include all "able-bodied and law-abiding" citizens "who own a firearm."  Also clarifies that the right to keep and bear arms of the state militia members "may not be infringed or called into question by the federal government or any state or local government", has been transmitted to the Senate.




Springfield Armory 1911 Chris Kyle Legend Series
TRP Operator

Introducing a Limited Edition Tribute
to 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle

In partnership with the Chris Kyle Foundation and the Kyle family, Springfield Armory® has introduced the Limited Edition Chris Kyle TRP™ Operator® as a part of the Legend Series of pistols.

A portion of the sales proceeds will provide direct support to the Chris Kyle FROG Foundation.

Why the TRP™?

While in combat, Chris chose the Springfield Armory® TRP™ for its reliable performance and toughness. In his best-selling book, American Sniper, he credits the TRP™ with saving his life.

"In 2004, I bought a Springfield TRP™ Operator®, which used a .45 caliber round. It had a 1911 body style, with custom grips and a rail system that let me add a light and laser combo. Black, it had a bull barrel and was an excellent gun - until it took a frag for me in Fallajuh. I was actually able to get it repaired - those Springfields are tough."

What's included?

  • A serialized 1 of 1,000 1911 TRP
  • A presentation case included with the pistol
  • A Chris Kyle FROG Foundation commemorative coin
  • A copy of American Sniper autographed by Taya Kyle
Our pistol is #255 of 1,000

  Last month's article was all about Tier 1 AR's and Colt's TDP. This month our tech article is all about barrels. Sorry if this gets long as there is a lot to talk about.

  The barrel and bolt in the AR platform is everything. It's the main difference between a "hobby gun" and a "work gun". What you intend to do with your AR will determine the type of barrel you need. Are you using your gun for shooting paper targets or 3 gun competition? Are you hunting rabbits or coyotes? Are you using the gun for home defense or just competition? All of these different uses will impact your decision on what type of barrel you need. There are different types of material used. We'll start with these first. The materials to look for are Stainless, CMV (mil-spec), & cold-hammer forged CMV, with the last two being chrome lined or melonited. If a company isn't willing to tell you what material they use in their barrels, they aren't worth buying from.

  Stainless Barrels have a reputation to those who value Precision. The properties of stainless steel make it easier for manufacturers to finish the bore and the rifling with a higher level of consistency. When you want the highest in accuracy afforded by the AR platform, go stainless. You can't abuse a stainless steel barrel and expect it to maintain the level of accuracy as when you first purchased it. Mag dumps and frequent high volume shooting sessions will kill the accuracy of your SS barrel slightly faster than it will Chrome or Melonited barrels. Prolonged heat can erode the throat of the barrel and your accuracy will go south in a hurry. Throat erosion is what eventually kills accuracy.

  CMV if you remember from last months article is what the TDP calls for for all Military Colt M4's. It's the standard material used in quality AR barrels by the top Tier 1 manufacturers. If it's the top barrel material used, is there not a better option?

  A Cold hammer Forged or (CHF) CMV barrel. Cold Hammer Forging of barrels has been known for decades to produce the most accurate, longest lasting rifle barrels obtainable. The Cold Hammer Forging of barrels is accomplished through intense hydraulic pressure applied at opposing angles by carbide steel hammers. During the hammering process, a mandrel is inserted into the bore while the carbide steel hammers shape the barrel around the mandrel creating the chamber, the lands, and the grooves. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the Cold Hammer Forging process creates a defect free bore and the most consistent chamber possible.

As for barrel lining, chrome lined vs melanited. Chrome lined is called for in Colt's TDP and is a great option. Chrome lining keeps the barrel from corroding and extends the overall life of the barrel. Chrome lining has some drawbacks as far as accuracy is concerned. The inconsistencies in the coating process can affect accuracy and are not consistent barrel to barrel. Melaniting on the other hand is just as corrosion resistant but applys much smoother and more uniform for consistency across the board.
Daniel Defense, LWRC, FN, & BCM all manufacture CHF barrels. My personal favorites are the Daniel Defense barrels for the price and availability. They are hard to beat. All my DD barrels are sub MOA if I do my part with match ammo. In the stainless category, my favorites are from Noveske. They are high priced but extremely accurate.

Next month....chamber specs and twist rate...



   SureFire pioneered the use of compact, energy-dense 123A lithium batteries because of their many advantages over alkalines, such as higher power density, superior voltage maintenance, lower weight, wider temperature tolerance, 10-year shelf-life, and built-in heat/fault protection. Optimize the performance of your flashlight, WeaponLight, or headlamp and increase your safety in the field by using SureFire's inexpensive yet high-performance made-in-the-USA 123A lithium batteries
   Optimized for use in SureFire flashlights, SureFire lithium batteries pack a lot of power into a small package. And unlike alkaline batteries SureFire high-performance lithium batteries boast a ten-year shelf life, which means they will be ready when you need them, every time.

For all SureFire Lithium battery powered lights

[NSN: 6135-01-554-0864]
  • High-performance batteries, optimized for high-drain use in flashlights
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Wide temperature tolerance
  • Built-in heat and fault (short-circuit) protection
  • Made in the USA to SureFire specifications


Fort Knox Maverick Plus 6031
  • 1200 Degree Fire Rating for 60 Minutes
  • 14 Gun Brown Carpeted Interior
  • Copper Exterior Paint
  • S&B Electronic Lock
  • Black Chrome Accents
  • External Hinges
This Vault is ON SALE this month!
This Vault is on display in our
showroom along with many others.

We don't protect just anyone's valuables, we protect yours...


Have a firearms collection you are looking to get rid of?
Remember, Tucson Guns also buys estates and individual firearms you may have for sale. Please keep us in mind if you are selling as we will give you a fair price and make sure background checks are conducted for all purchasers.

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